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We need your help!

Recently, Ghossain’s Bakery entered a contest offered by FedEx called “FedEx Small Business Grant Contest” We have a wonderful opportunity to win grant money which will be used to update our seating areas and renovate our stores. We have seen continual growth with our lunch wraps, salads, Ricebowls and deli items. And with that growth, we want to our customers to be more comfortable during their lunchtime visits at Ghossain’s. The message of our delicious and healthy food is getting out and we’re proud to welcome as many people as we can to promote the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. Please help us with this contest by visiting Type in Ghossain’s Bakery in the business category. You’ll see our profile and hit “Vote”. You can vote once every 24 hours.

You have until March 17th to submit your votes. The more votes we get, the closer we reach our goal of making it into the top 100 companies which will then be reviewed by a panel of judges at FedEx. The top 10 winning companies will be announced in April. Our customers are the key to our success as a business. You’ve supported us for 45 years and we appreciate every one of you. Now we ask for your help to continue another 45 years+. Thank you for all your support!

Football Party Trays now available!

It’s football play-offs season and we’ve got your Football Game-Day snacks! Enjoy a trio of our delicious foods in a football-shaped tray. For only $25.00, you’ll get 18 appetizer-sized slices of our Tuscan Rolls, our new gluten-free blue chips and a pound of our homemade hummus! (you choose your favorite flavor) Call us today and place your order!

Mediterranean Guacamole!

Talk about culinary fusions, this is a delicious combination of flavors to create a healthy alternative to your typical Guacamole. We’ve taken our Jalapeno-Cilantro Hummus, added chopped red onions and spices to add a punch of flavor and our version of Guacamole (no avocados included) has become an instant hit with our customers. This is a versatile dip and/or spread.

Please call ahead and place an order for this specialty dip.

Mediterranean Artichoke Dip

Our newest culinary creation tastes as good as it sounds! Stop by either our Boardman location or our Niles location and try a free sample of this delicious and healthy appetizer. Made of caramelized onions and sautéed garlic, artichokes, spinach, spices and Labne, this creation is packed with flavor and health benefits. This dip has simply amazing and is a perfect match with our salted flatbread chips! Only $4.00 for a 1/2 lb. container. Please call ahead and place an order for this specialty dip.

Gluten-free Tabouli Now Available

Gluten-free foods are fast becoming more popular due to the growing number of people diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance or Celiac’s Disease. At Ghossain’s, we’ve experienced an increased interest, from our customers, for gluten-free foods. We’re happy to announce we have several different deli items we can offer people who request gluten-free foods. Our newest item is Gluten-free Tabouli! It’s still the same great tasting salad, but, instead of Bulghur wheat, we use Quinoa. This is a special-order item, so please call ahead and place your order.

Ghossain’s Mediterranean Pastry Selection

Looking for something different to add to your next holiday meal?

Check out our large pastry selection. These traditional Middle Eastern treats are delicious and are available in several different sizes to accomodate any size family gathering. Our ‘Pastries’ category has all the information you need and if you have further questions about taste and ordering, please call us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions, 1-330-788-6003.

Easter Bread Orders

We’re taking orders for our Easter Bread. Customize your bread by choosing with or without Anise and with or without raisins. Make sure your Easter dinner is complete with our delicious bread. Regular bread price is $4.39 a loaf and price for bread with raisins is $4.79 a loaf. Call today to place your order. On-line deadline for bread orders is Friday, March 22.

We do Hummus…and we do it with delicious flavor!

Our original hummus has been a staple in our deli for years.  But within the last few years, we’ve been slowly adding new delicious flavors that we know will be crowd-pleasers.  Here is our updated list of all our Hummus choices…  Original Garlic, Roasted Red Pepper, Spinach, Spinach-Artichoke, Ranch, Sun-dried Tomato, Buffalo, Hot Pepper, Black Bean….and our newest flavor additon, Jalapeno-Cilantro!

Quinoa = Super Food

Quinoa  pronounced “Keen-wah’ has made it’s way into almost every health magazine available.  Although it’s been around for centuries, originating in South America, it’s popularity had broken all demographic boundaries and it can be easliy found in Health Food stores and grocery stores alike.  Why is Quinoa so popular?  Because it’s one of the few foods that has almost the perfect balance of the eight essential Amino Acids and an added bonus is it’s Gluten-free.  Quinoa ia actually a seed from a plant called the “Goosefoot” plant from Ande Mountains in South America.  There are several color variations of Quinoa.  Different colors of Quinoa mean different levels of nutrients.  The most common color is the white Quinoa, which Ghossain’s sell in bulk and we make and sell two types of Quinoa salad in our deli.   Quinoa has absolutely no taste so making a Quinoa side dish can be a very adventurous and fun task.  Our suggestion is to use your favorite fruits or veggies, and vinaigrettes.  Don’t limit yourself there though, toasted nuts, sauteed veggies, grilled meats, virtually anything can be mixed with Quinoa to create a delicious and healthy meal your whole family will love.  Just think of Quinoa as a very plain rice, and you can combine it with any type of food.  When you come in to the store, we’ll give you instructions on how to prepare and cook Quinoa.  You’ll be amazed how easy it is.  If you don’t want to cook it, we suggest you try our Quinoa salads.  They’re quite tasty and very healthy!

Welcome to our new and improved website!

This has been a long time in the making but it’s finally here…our newly renovated website.  We take this time to welcome new visitors and extend our appreciation for our valued customers and friends.  Browse through our pages and enjoy our story…if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!