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February 21, 2013

Quinoa = Super Food

Quinoa  pronounced “Keen-wah’ has made it’s way into almost every health magazine available.  Although it’s been around for centuries, originating in South America, it’s popularity had broken all demographic boundaries and it can be easliy found in Health Food stores and grocery stores alike.  Why is Quinoa so popular?  Because it’s one of the few foods that has almost the perfect balance of the eight essential Amino Acids and an added bonus is it’s Gluten-free.  Quinoa ia actually a seed from a plant called the “Goosefoot” plant from Ande Mountains in South America.  There are several color variations of Quinoa.  Different colors of Quinoa mean different levels of nutrients.  The most common color is the white Quinoa, which Ghossain’s sell in bulk and we make and sell two types of Quinoa salad in our deli.   Quinoa has absolutely no taste so making a Quinoa side dish can be a very adventurous and fun task.  Our suggestion is to use your favorite fruits or veggies, and vinaigrettes.  Don’t limit yourself there though, toasted nuts, sauteed veggies, grilled meats, virtually anything can be mixed with Quinoa to create a delicious and healthy meal your whole family will love.  Just think of Quinoa as a very plain rice, and you can combine it with any type of food.  When you come in to the store, we’ll give you instructions on how to prepare and cook Quinoa.  You’ll be amazed how easy it is.  If you don’t want to cook it, we suggest you try our Quinoa salads.  They’re quite tasty and very healthy!